New annual return requirement for all industrial and provident societies

From August this year we’ll introduce a new annual return form for all industrial and provident societies.

The annual return form is a simple confirmation of details held on the register and no longer contains any financial or operational information.

All societies will need to use the new form to meet the annual return filing requirement of section 8 of the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1908. Filing is due within three months of each society’s balance date. We’ll send courtesy reminders at the start of your filing month to help you complete the annual return on time.

If the annual return isn’t filed by the due date, the Registrar may decide the society has ceased to exist and cancel its registration.

Please note that the annual return isn’t the same as filing financial statements. Large societies required to prepare and register financial statements should continue to do that. The Registrar will send separate reminders to those societies to make this second filing requirement clear.

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