Get your NZBN journey off to a flying start

Kickstart your NZBN journey by using the New Zealand Business Number’s (NZBN) Data Matching Service.

The NZBN Data Matching Service is a simple way for your business to adopt the NZBN by comparing the data you hold about the businesses you work with to the data that’s held on the NZBN Register. You’ll get authoritative confirmation of your business records and assistance with data cleansing by identifying records that don’t match records on the NZBN Register. You can then cleanse the data that we couldn’t match and send us follow-up data sets for re-matching.

The NZBN experts will match NZBNs to a pre-existing data set your business holds. For example, a list of your customers and vendors can be matched against the entire NZBN Register. Information can be matched by legal entity name or registration number (for example, company number or society number).

How you can use data matching

Organisations are using data matching to both add the NZBN to their systems, as well as cleanse their data, as it can help to identify duplicates in a data set and also highlight businesses that are no longer active.

You can request a data match on the NZBN website or by contacting the NZBN team.

Nigel Keats of ConnectWorks used the NZBN’s data-matching service when he set up CompanyWorks, a software product designed to improve the compliance and management of secretarial tasks. ‘Being able to use the NZBN data matching service has made it easier for companies to set up and use our software. It also means they have their client’s NZBN on hand for any future activities that may require it,’ says Nigel.

The NZBN team can help

Once the NZBN team has your data set they’ll run it through the data matching programme and let you know what percentage they have been able to match. Currently the NZBN team can data match for registered companies and some other incorporated entity types such as incorporated societies, charitable trusts and limited partnerships.

Data matching for other entity types such as public sector entities and sole traders will become available later in 2017.

The NZBN team has already completed data matching exercises for numerous government agencies, as well as private sector organisations.

You can request a data match on the NZBN website or by contacting the NZBN team.


You can also contact the team to find out more about the NZBN and how it can help your business.

Freephone: 0508 696 926