Welcome to Companies Office data services

We offer several data services so you can perform analysis and drive insight using publicly available data from New Zealand's business landscape.

A wealth of information

The Companies Office manages a wealth of data about New Zealand businesses and organisations. This information is available to individuals, businesses and government in a number of ways.

Types of data we hold

The data held in our registers is organised into six categories — Administrative data, assets, authorities, business entity data, events and roles.

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Channels for consuming our data

Our available data is accessible via bulk download, API, and on request.

For information about a specific company or organisation, search the relevant online register.

Our data at a glance

  • 612,119 Registered companies as at 30 September 2018
  • 639,317 Searches on companies register data last month
  • 13,206 Number of registered Financial Service Providers
  • 41 Directors prohibited in 2017-2018 under s385 Director Prohibitions
  • 1,968,697 Financing statements on the PPSR
  • 426,538 Annual returns filed from 1 January to 30 September 2018