How to search the Limited Partnerships Registers

Information about limited partnerships, and how to find it

Searching the Limited Partnerships Register is one of the many options available when using the Business Registers search.

You can search directly on the Business Registers by visiting and clicking on the ‘Search for a business’ button on the home page.

Search the Business Registers

Searching for a New Zealand or overseas limited partnership

To search for information about a limited partnership:

  • On the Business Registers, navigate to the ‘Search’ tab.
  • From the two choices available, select ‘Search Business’.
  • From the ‘Register’ drop-down menu, select either ‘Limited Partnerships New Zealand’ or ‘Limited Partnerships Overseas’.

You can search for a limited partnership using either a business name or New Zealand Business Number (NZBN), and conduct either a ‘starts with’ or ‘equals’ (exact match) search.

You can also search for a role type or status, or business status by selecting the ‘Search Role’ option.

Search the Limited Partnerships Registers Search by role

More about NZBN

More information about the NZBN and how to use it is available on the NZBN website. You can also search the NZBN Register for any business with a NZBN.

NZBN and the Business Registers 

Advanced search options

If you wish to refine your search, advanced options are available by clicking on the ‘Advanced’ link on the ‘Search Business’ page.

You can use these options to find specific results for:

  • business type
  • business status
  • registration date
  • address keywords

Understanding your search results

Each search result will show the following details:

  • business name
  • NZBN
  • address
  • registration date
  • business type
  • business status

Select the business name to view the information for that limited partnership. Please note that only publicly available information will be displayed.

Using information in search results

You can sort your results by ascending or descending order, and save your results either as a PDF or an Excel file.

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