Forms for overseas limited partnerships

Forms you'll need to maintain overseas limited partnerships

Most of the tasks required to register and manage an overseas limited partnership can now be done online. However, the use of certain forms is still necessary for some maintenance tasks. These can be downloaded on the page below.

Maintaining an overseas limited partnership

The following forms are necessary to perform certain tasks when maintaining your overseas limited partnership. Please submit your completed forms using the appropriate upload service. Refer to our user guides for instructions:

Use this form to notify the appointment of a new general partner, the change of a general partner's details (for example, change of general partner's address) or to give notice that a general partner has ceased to hold office.

Use this form to give notice of changes in the addresses of an overseas limited partnership, including new address of overseas registered office, change in persons authorised to accept service, new postal address, new email address and new address of principal place of business in New Zealand.

You must have given public notice (under section 113(1)(a) of the Limited Partnerships Act 2008) of the overseas limited partnership's intention to cease business in New Zealand at least three months before giving this notice (form LP14) to the Registrar.

[LINK TO NEW FORM] LP18 — Other entity additional general partner information overseas limited partnerships — public

Overseas limited partnerships should use this form to upload additional information about general partners classified as 'other entities'. This form will be made public. For general partners classified as 'other entities' on the New Zealand register, use forms LP15 and LP16. An 'other entity' is any entity that is not registered as a New Zealand company or limited partnership.