Changing name — overseas limited partnership

How to change your overseas limited partnership's name

An overseas limited partnership may apply to the Registrar to change its name.

Information you'll need to provide

To change the name of an overseas limited partnership you'll need to provide evidence of the name change in your home country.

Please note, the name of the overseas limited partnership must be identical to that used in registering the limited partnership in its home jurisdiction.

Things you should know before you apply

The name of a limited partnership must include the words 'Limited Partnership' or the abbreviation 'LP' or 'L.P.' at the end of the name.

We won't register a limited partnership with a name:

  • the use of which would contravene an enactment
  • that is identical to, or almost identical to, the name of a company registered under the Companies Act 1993, or another limited partnership, or an overseas limited partnership registered under this Act
  • that, in our opinion, is offensive.

Before you apply to change the name, we strongly recommend that you conduct a free search to ensure that your chosen name is not identical or almost identical to the name of a company, limited partnership or overseas limited partnership that already exists on the register. This will avoid delays in changing your limited partnership name.

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How to change the name of an overseas limited partnership

To change the name of an overseas limited partnership:

  1. Log in to your online services account.
  2. On the dashboard, select the limited partnership you wish to update from your 'My Businesses' list.
  3. From the 'General Details' tab, click on the 'Change Name' button.
  4. Enter the proposed name and to ensure the name is available, select 'Name Availability Check'.
  5. Upload evidence of the name change in your home jurisdiction.
  6. Complete the details required for 'Signatory' and select 'Submit'.
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What happens next

A change of name of an overseas limited partnership takes effect from the date we update the register. At that time we'll issue a new Certificate of Registration, confirming that the overseas limited partnership details have been updated on the Register.

The change of name doesn't affect rights or liabilities of the overseas limited partnership, and doesn't affect legal proceedings by or against the overseas limited partnership. Legal proceedings begun or continued against the overseas limited partnership under its former name may be begun or continued against it under its new name.

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