Requesting a correction to the register

How to correct your business details

If you've made a mistake in a document or in the details on the Limited Partnerships Register, you can apply to have it corrected.

Authority to request a correction

To request a correction to the Limited Partnerships Register you must have:

  • a RealMe® login
  • an online services account with the Business Registers
  • authority to manage your limited partnership.

How to request a correction

To request a correction to the register, please use the 'Lodge Other General Documents' service:

  1. Log in to your online services account.
  2. On the dashboard, select the limited partnership from your 'My Businesses' list.
  3. From the menu, select 'Maintain Limited Partnership' and choose 'Lodge Other Documents'.
  4. Select 'Request to Correct the Register' from the list of document types.
  5. Upload your request and click 'Submit'.
Go to your Business Registers dashboard

Processing your request

We'll send you an email when your request has been reviewed.

  • confirming if the correction has been made, or
  • advising you if we have to give public notice before the correction is made — this may happen if you've requested a correction to information on the register that was filed by another person.

Giving public notice

If public notice is required, it will be published on the Companies Office website and in the New Zealand Gazette. The correction will be processed if no objection is received by us within 20 working days of publishing the public notice.

Public notices

If someone objects

If we receive a written objection within 20 working days of publishing the public notice, we won't be able to process the correction.

In this case we'll notify you and send you a copy of the objection. You will then have the option to consider applying to the High Court for an order under section 62 of the Limited Partnerships Act 2008. The correction will be made if the order is granted by the High Court.

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