Using the online dashboard

Keep track of your tasks and applications

Your dashboard is a central workspace that allows you to keep track of any unfinished business on the Business Registers. When you log in, you're automatically taken to your dashboard.

My Incomplete Tasks

This section of your dashboard helps you find and manage outstanding tasks and incomplete applications.


'My Incomplete Tasks' displays any outstanding tasks belonging to you or your organisation — for example, a registration that needs to be completed or an annual confirmation that needs to be filed.

Selecting a task from the list takes you directly to the relevant process for continuing or completing that task.


'My Incomplete Tasks' also provides you with updates on the progress of your applications. For example, it might tell you that the application is currently awaiting the results of criminal history checks.

Search options and filters

You can find and sort your tasks using the dashboard's search option and filters. This is particularly useful for organisations that act on behalf of multiple entities.

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