Filing your limited partnership annual return

How to update your limited partnership details each year

An annual return confirms the address, general partner and limited partner details for your limited partnership.

Authority to file an annual return

To file an annual return for your limited partnership, you must have:

  • a RealMe® login
  • an online services account with the Business Registers
  • authority to manage your limited partnership.

When to file your annual return

It's a legal requirement that the general partners file an annual return with us each year. A limited partnership is not required to file an annual return in the calendar year of its registration.

Filing month reminder

We'll send you a reminder by an email on the first day of your annual return filing month. Clicking on the link will take you to the business registers website where you can log in and follow the appropriate steps.

Before you file your online annual return

It pays to check that your general and limited partner information is correct before you begin the process of filing your return.

Your annual return confirms that details held on the register are accurate and up to date.

If there’s been a change that has yet to be recorded on the register, you should do this before you start filing. You will not have the opportunity to update information during the filing process. Details are not saved if the filing process is interrupted.

If any of your details on the register need updating, please use the relevant maintenance service.

Information you'll need to confirm

Your annual return will include the following information:

  • Details of its registered office, address for service and postal address
  • Email address — official email address for communication
  • Details of the general partners
  • Details of the limited partners

How to file your annual return

To file your online annual return:

  • select the link in the email we send you, or
  • log in to your online services account, select the limited partnership from 'My Businesses'.
  1. On the 'View Details' screen, using the menu tab navigate to 'Maintain Limited Partnership' and select ‘File Annual Return'.
  2. If all of the listed information is up to date, select 'Confirm'.
  3. Select 'Next Step' to move to the next tab until you reach the 'Review' tab.
  4. Complete the signatory details and click ‘Submit’.
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Paying the levies

There's no annual return registration fee payable; however, a $9.00 (plus GST) FMA levy and $6.00 (plus GST) XRB levy is collected when the return is filed.

If you don't file an annual return

If you fail to file your limited partnership's annual return, the Registrar may be satisfied that the limited partnership has ceased its business, resulting in our commencing the deregistration process to remove the limited partnership from the register.