Change of partner details

How to change partner details for your limited partnership

A range of information is held for each limited partnership, including the details of each general and limited partner. As these details change, the changes must also be recorded on the Register. Changes should be updated within 10 working days of the change.

When to notify partner changes

New partners should be notified to us as soon as possible, as there can be consequences for the limited partnership. For example, if a limited partnership doesn't have a general partner for 10 working days, this is a terminating event under the Act, and the partnership may be placed into liquidation.

Forms to use

Different forms are required depending on whether the change is to a general partner or a limited partner. Forms must be signed by or on behalf of the limited partnership.

Changes to general partners

A limited partnership that has an NZ registered company acting as their general partner should notify us of any changes by completing the form LP2G (NZCOY).

Changes for all other general partners should be notified by completing form LP2G.

If the change relates to an appointment of a new general partner, the form must also be accompanied by a prescribed form of consent, signed by the newly appointed general partner or that person's agent authorised to do so in writing, consenting to be a general partner.

Changes to limited partners

Any changes to the details of the limited partners should be notified by completing Form LP2L.

Information to be included

The forms require the following information to be provided:

  • the name of the limited partnership and registration number
  • the details of the change
  • the date of change
  • the full name, postal address, email address and phone number of the presenter.

Filing your documents

Any documents to be filed with us can be sent to:

Companies Office
Private Bag 92061
Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142