Setting up your online services account

How to create an account to use our online services

You need to have an online services account to register on the Business Registers. There are no joining fees - you pay only for the services you use.

1. Ensure you have a RealMe® login

To create an online services account you must have a RealMe username and password. If you already have a RealMe login from another agency, you can use this to set up your account with us.

If you already have a RealMe login

Click the 'Login' button at the top of the page if you already have a RealMe username and password.

Go to your Business Registers dashboard

Creating a RealMe login

To create a RealMe login:

  1. Select the 'Create' link at the top of this page.
  2. Select 'Create a RealMe login' and follow the instructions to create a username and password.

Forgotten username or password

If you have forgotten your RealMe username or password:

  1. Select ‘Forgot Username’ or ‘Forgot Password’.
  2. Choose to receive your username or password by email or text.

2. Choose the type of account you need

When you log in with RealMe for the first time, you will be asked whether or not you have received an activation code.

  • Select 'I don't have an activation code' to set yourself up as an administrator of a new organisation account on the Business Registers.
  • Select 'I have an activation code' if you have received an invitation email (with an activation code) to join an organisation account as an authorised user.

You will then be presented with the options for setting up your account.

Setting up an organisation account

Choose this option if you're a new user creating an online services account on behalf of an organisation.

As such, you become the account administrator, and can add or remove other account users and edit their details. You can also appoint another user to be an administrator of the account.

The organisation's general information and payment options apply to each user associated with your organisation.

The organisation will be shown as the document presenter (including the organisation name and the postal address) rather than the individual user's personal contact details.

To set up an organisation account as a new user:

  1. Enter your user details.
  2. Select 'Next Step: Create Organisation'.
  3. Enter your organisation and contact details, ie physical address etc.
  4. Enter your contact details with the organisation.
  5. Click 'Create Organisation'.

Activating a user account created by an account administrator

Choose this option if you've received an email containing an activation code. This means an administrator of an existing organisation online services account has begun the process of creating a user account on your behalf.

To activate your online services account:

  1. Enter the activation code and click 'Continue'.
  2. Complete all mandatory fields, if not already pre-populated.
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  4. Click 'Create'.

Terms and conditions

When you create an online services account, you'll be asked to agree to our terms and conditions. These set out your responsibilities and help ensure the information you provide is kept secure. By doing so, you're committing to keeping your information on the Limited Partnerships Register up to date.

Terms and conditions

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