Powers of the Registrar

How the Registrar ensures a limited partnership is legitimate

The Registrar, for the purposes of the Limited Partnerships Act 2008, is the Registrar of Companies, holding office under the Companies Act 1993.

Actions the Registrar can take

The Registrar can take action where there are concerns that a limited partnership is not being used for legitimate business reasons.

The Registrar has investigative and removal powers, allowing them to:

  • ascertain whether information provided to us is correct
  • issue notes of inactivity or warning on the register, against a limited partnership
  • deregister a limited partnership in certain circumstances
  • prohibit a person from being a general partner or promoter of a limited partnership in certain circumstances.

Note of warning on the register

We may, in certain circumstances, insert a note of warning on the register for a limited partnership. This note can also be attached to any other related limited partnership that shares the same general partner.

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